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Clive oversaw a police force that was rated as outstanding for efficiency and use of resources. A police force that was a byword for excellent policing and with a proud reputation. It has taken just two years for a Tory PCC to trash that reputation, for morale to fall and for police officers to be sat behind desks rather than tackling criminals. It’s time to bring back Clive Grunshaw.


I am committed to fighting the Tory government for a better deal for Lancashire but, better still, working with an incoming Labour government to bring in some sensible policies and fair funding once again. I have a range of priorities from tackling anti-social behaviour to erradiction violence against women and girls. My number one priority from day one will be to get more bobbies back on the beat.

Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner from 2012 – 2021


Bring Back

Clive Grunshaw!

I am born and bred in Fleetwood, a town I am very proud of, and where I have lived all my life. Both my parents came from East Lancashire, my father’s side from Blackburn and Darwen and my mother’s from Oldham. I am conscious of my Lancashire heritage and I am passionate to ensure that our future is as great as our past.

I left school aged 16 to work as an apprentice winch builder, back in the days when Fleetwood had a fishing industry. As the industry died I spent several years as a milkman before taking up adult education, going to Lancaster University and gaining both a BA (Hons) degree and Masters Degree in Politics and Trade Union Studies respectively.

Since then I have worked in various roles in the Labour Movement, as a trade union tutor, as a Parliamentary Assistant and as a Wyre borough councillor and Cabinet Member on Lancashire County Council. Latterly taking up the role of Police & Crime Commissioner for Lancashire between 2012 and 2021.

I have been a trade unionist since aged 16 and I have been a Labour Party member nearly 40 years. Fighting for equality of opportunity and against social, economic and environmental injustice is what I have been trying to achieve all my life.

Let’s Get Lancashire Police Back

On the County Council I served as the Cabinet Member for Children and Young People; having responsibility for some emotive services such as supporting children with disabilities and children in the care of the local authority. In the past, as a family, we offered respite care and short term fostering for children with disabilities, so I had experience of how difficult this could be.

My passion is still about changing the world for the better. Making it a kinder and safer place to be. My belief is that there is such a thing as society and that we all have our part to play in supporting each other.  There is no more important service than the police for making this happen.

Outside of politics I enjoy travelling as much as I can; walking in the hills of the Yorkshire Dales or the Lake District, and sport, watching rather than playing these days.