Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Clueless On Police Officer Numbers!

He wrongly claims to have recruited over 600 officers when in reality they are only replacing ones that have left.

The Conservatives Are Badly Letting Down Women And Girls Who Are Victims Of Abuse, Rape And Sexual Assault.

Under the Conservatives, convictions have fallen to less than 2% – simply shocking!

Charges for other sexual assaults on women and girls are only marginally higher.

These are the most appalling of crimes, and ones that the Conservatives are failing the victims!

Shocking Statistics In Lancashire As The Police Ignore Anti-Social Behaviour And Shoplifting And Perpetrators Get Away Scot-Free!

Research from the Cooperative Group shows that, last year, Lancashire Police only attended 20% of ongoing shoplifting incidents, ignoring all the rest.

More concerning, only 2% of these led to any criminal sanction.

Let’s Get Lancashire Police Back