The Conservatives Are Badly Letting Down Women And Girls Who Are Victims Of Abuse, Rape And Sexual Assault.

Under the Conservatives, convictions have fallen to less than 2% – simply shocking! Charges for other sexual assaults on women and girls are only marginally higher. These are the most appalling of crimes, and ones that the Conservatives are failing the victims!

This must stop!

I will fully implement Labours zero tolerance approach to end violence against women and girls. I will drive up the number of convictions and drive down the number of victims.

Bring back competence!

Bring back experience!

Bring back someone who will fight for justice for women and girls.

Bring back Clive Grunshaw as Police & Crime Commissioner!

Clive made Lancashire Constabulary a White Ribbon police force, standing up against violence against women and girls!

Let’s Get Lancashire Police Back