The Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner in Lancashire must have been taught honesty and integrity by Boris Johnson! He is falsely claiming I had a secret plan to close police stations.

No such plan existed then or now! 

He is trying to fool the voters by “saving” police stations not under threat. 

Don’t be mugged again by more Tory lies! 

Fact:  I fought hard against massive Conservative cuts to Lancashire. Protecting us from a further substantial cut to our core grant and gaining over £10m back for policing of Cuadrilla site. 

Fact: Under my watch, Lancashire were rated by government inspectors as “outstanding” for our use of resources.  Under a Tory Police and Crime Commissioner, this has been lost. 

Fact: Under my watch I ensured police officers did police work, on the streets, tackling crime. Under a Tory Police and Crime Commissioner, we have seen police staff jobs reduced and police officers being put behind desks, answering phones and doing paperwork. 

Don’t fall for Tory lies that mask Tory failure. 

Do not vote for a Tory Police and Crime Commissioner who has undermined our police, trashed our reputation and created a dysfunctional force. 

Vote for me on 2nd May and I will work with an incoming Labour government to rebuild our neighbourhood policing and put Bobbies where they should be, on our streets! 

Let’s get Lancashire Policing Back!